June 24, 2012

Getting bigger

Four months along

I think I'm the only person at my gym who looks bigger every time I go. Of course I don't really look at people who aren't Chris at the gym so I imagine no one else notices. Gym etiquette dictates that you get in, get out, and basically ignore all the strangers who are also there to take care of business. But it is kind of fun to see my stomach change. The weirdest part is the firmness and how that shifts depending on what I'm doing.

Overall, I've tried to remain rational and accepting of my transitioning figure. But it's not always so easy to be rational with the excess of hormones coursing through my (also increased) blood volume. I've written about it a little on Consume or Consumed (my style blog). As shallow as it sounds, when you've put forth as much effort as I have in assembling a wardrobe, it is sort of troubling when those beloved garments no longer fit. And although I've always tried to be kind to myself when it comes to self esteem and body image, it is pretty wild to have your body change in ways you cannot control nor predict. More on that eventually...

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