June 16, 2012

On sleeping

I have long worn my night-owl badge with pride. When I was a child my parents would plead with me to try to sleep and I'd be too glued to (and wound up from) Alfred Hitchcock Presents reruns on Nick at Nite to feel relaxed. The old movie channels were also favorites and I relished the melodrama of grainy black and white, filmic versions of Bronte sister classics. So as an adult, my occasional bouts of insomnia just seemed to come with the territory of being a night-owl. I would get cyclical insomnia as one of a few symptoms for years as an adult.

That's why, after hearing so many women complain of pregnancy sleeplessness, I am shocked to be such a sound pregnant sleeper. This is a newer development for me because earlier into things, I was pretty restless. And I don't want to jinx myself. But as soon as I started sleeping with a maternity pillow, for some reason I felt planted and stable. I am normally a stomach and back sleeper. And most pregnancy pillows I researched seemed way too big and annoying. Many of them require that the thing becomes your head pillow. I'm too attached to my current memory foam head pillow to try one of the giant oddly shaped offerings. I was fortunate to find this Sealy maternity pillow that is shaped like a kidney and doubles as a nursing pillow. It seems to be the perfect solution to maternity pillow size worries and the problem of not being able to use your own pillow.

As depicted above, Speck the dog loves this pillow and basically views it to be her big spoon which is kind of adorable. This is one of the first pregnancy/parenthood products I purchased and am pretty stoked on it so far.

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