June 21, 2012

My first baby stuff sale haul

The women at Fashionism are expert deal hunters and one friend alerted the board about a clearance at CVS of baby things. I was a bit reluctant to shop for a baby-to-be because there are so many unknowns and I still hope to attempt some cloth diapering but for travel and for convenience these prices were too good to pass up.

The goods:
Row 1 from top left: CVS brand diapers, Huggies OverNites, CVS brand multi-pack wipes
Row 2: Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers, Munchkin bowl set (x2), Butt Paste, Mam pacifier set
Row 3: Munchkin plates set (x2), Munchkin spill-proof sippy cup

Everything I selected was 75% off the regular price. Although I didn't have any additional coupons I do feel like I did very well. I don't know a lot about kid and baby brands but liked that all the Munchkin stuff specified it is BPA-free.

Physically, I'm faring less well. Somehow I came down with a post-nasal drip which developed into a full-fledged cold. It seems too pronounced to simply be pregnancy rhinitis. I don't feel comfortable taking Sudafed due to some heart-specific things so I am using Claritin (regular, not D), gargling Listerine, and trying to muster the courage to neti-pot. It's just too hot for hot tea with honey (which would be another comfort solution). My sleep routine is disrupted from it because I can't breathe well enough to sleep comfortably. Hopefully it will pass soon. I have to say, as a person who rarely gets sick, this pregnancy immunity is for the birds. I'll be back this weekend with some bump updates at least.

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