January 15, 2013


Perhaps the most amazing and affirming thing about my pregnancy and early motherhood has been the outpouring of kindness, enthusiasm, and generosity from so many people in my life. I have written and sent more thank you notes than I did after my wedding and I still have more to do.

(E wearing an adorable Tea Collection gift from blogger pal, Sharon!)

Part of this is due to our three (yes three!) baby showers. I never got the chance to recap two of them on here or Consume or Consumed, but I will do so when I have time. But part of it is that people (myself included) seem to relish the opportunity to buy tiny things for a tiny person. Before Emilia arrived, my mom and sister and I browsed the baby girl sections of Macys, Kohls, and Babies R US for as long as my pregnant stamina would let me. And it is clear that we weren't the only ones! In her mere 7 weeks of life, this baby has amassed more clothing than her clotheshorse mother. Each outfit seems more adorable and snuggly and cute than the next and each gift reminds me fondly of its "gifter."

One of the benefits of my elephant's memory when it comes to clothing is that I never forget a garment's story of acquisition. Emilia's largely gifted and secondhand wardrobe makes the blowouts and stale milk smell somehow palatable because with each changing we are reminded of our little family's good fortune. With each visit to her dresser, I get the chance to reflect on all the people who have enveloped us with love and excitement. With each baby "OOTD," we marvel over her. Neither of us can believe we made her, in all her perfectly adorable glory.

This Christmas Eve I felt more overwhelmed with extended family attention and love than I ever have, as our traditional observance of the Feast of the Seven Fishes morphed into a "meet and hold the new family member!" celebration. In my limited life experience, nothing has brought out more support and joy from the people who matter to me most than the birth of my baby. Emilia is so lucky to have such an enthusiastic group of cheerleaders! Chris and I are so lucky to be surrounded by so many helpful, generous, and caring people! And all of us feel so lucky to know this little lady!

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  1. I completely agree with you -- the love that people have for a pregnant family and, later, a newborn baby is overwhelming. With each of our three, I've been so overwhelmingly loved. It's amazing!

    With our first son's clothing (which, obviously, was also our second son's as well), I can remember who gave us everything. ... And, actually, it's the same with our daughter, too. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who can remember who gifted us what, and I hope I will remember forever.


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