June 27, 2012

Maternity Style at ASOS

ASOS striped dress (buy it here or here)

Not sure if it's the angle, the dress, or me but I totally (think I) look pregnant in this! And incidentally, it is the first piece of actual "maternity" clothing I purchased. ASOS has a maternity line that features lots of cute regular clothing styles that happen to have extra space for belly! Such a simple concept and yet one that so few maternity clothing makers seem to realize. Anyway, a lot of my favorite pieces are on sale right now so I might make an order before everything sells out. Thank goodness for free returns! Today is the last day for free express shipping on orders over $150 (code 4JULYEXPRESS).

June 25, 2012

Mother and Father to be Days

This year on Mother's Day, Chris was sweet enough to buy me beautiful flowers. It was a nice surprise and it got me thinking about what I could give him for Father's Day. Of course what I chose is technically not for him, but when asked whether he wants a boy or a girl, his response is that he would like to have a healthy some-day baseball fan.

So this gift seemed fitting and gender-neutral enough to work for our little one to be. Did any other parents/to be parents honor these days during their first desired pregnancy?

June 24, 2012

Getting bigger

Four months along

I think I'm the only person at my gym who looks bigger every time I go. Of course I don't really look at people who aren't Chris at the gym so I imagine no one else notices. Gym etiquette dictates that you get in, get out, and basically ignore all the strangers who are also there to take care of business. But it is kind of fun to see my stomach change. The weirdest part is the firmness and how that shifts depending on what I'm doing.

Overall, I've tried to remain rational and accepting of my transitioning figure. But it's not always so easy to be rational with the excess of hormones coursing through my (also increased) blood volume. I've written about it a little on Consume or Consumed (my style blog). As shallow as it sounds, when you've put forth as much effort as I have in assembling a wardrobe, it is sort of troubling when those beloved garments no longer fit. And although I've always tried to be kind to myself when it comes to self esteem and body image, it is pretty wild to have your body change in ways you cannot control nor predict. More on that eventually...

June 21, 2012

My first baby stuff sale haul

The women at Fashionism are expert deal hunters and one friend alerted the board about a clearance at CVS of baby things. I was a bit reluctant to shop for a baby-to-be because there are so many unknowns and I still hope to attempt some cloth diapering but for travel and for convenience these prices were too good to pass up.

The goods:
Row 1 from top left: CVS brand diapers, Huggies OverNites, CVS brand multi-pack wipes
Row 2: Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers, Munchkin bowl set (x2), Butt Paste, Mam pacifier set
Row 3: Munchkin plates set (x2), Munchkin spill-proof sippy cup

Everything I selected was 75% off the regular price. Although I didn't have any additional coupons I do feel like I did very well. I don't know a lot about kid and baby brands but liked that all the Munchkin stuff specified it is BPA-free.

Physically, I'm faring less well. Somehow I came down with a post-nasal drip which developed into a full-fledged cold. It seems too pronounced to simply be pregnancy rhinitis. I don't feel comfortable taking Sudafed due to some heart-specific things so I am using Claritin (regular, not D), gargling Listerine, and trying to muster the courage to neti-pot. It's just too hot for hot tea with honey (which would be another comfort solution). My sleep routine is disrupted from it because I can't breathe well enough to sleep comfortably. Hopefully it will pass soon. I have to say, as a person who rarely gets sick, this pregnancy immunity is for the birds. I'll be back this weekend with some bump updates at least.

June 16, 2012

On sleeping

I have long worn my night-owl badge with pride. When I was a child my parents would plead with me to try to sleep and I'd be too glued to (and wound up from) Alfred Hitchcock Presents reruns on Nick at Nite to feel relaxed. The old movie channels were also favorites and I relished the melodrama of grainy black and white, filmic versions of Bronte sister classics. So as an adult, my occasional bouts of insomnia just seemed to come with the territory of being a night-owl. I would get cyclical insomnia as one of a few symptoms for years as an adult.

That's why, after hearing so many women complain of pregnancy sleeplessness, I am shocked to be such a sound pregnant sleeper. This is a newer development for me because earlier into things, I was pretty restless. And I don't want to jinx myself. But as soon as I started sleeping with a maternity pillow, for some reason I felt planted and stable. I am normally a stomach and back sleeper. And most pregnancy pillows I researched seemed way too big and annoying. Many of them require that the thing becomes your head pillow. I'm too attached to my current memory foam head pillow to try one of the giant oddly shaped offerings. I was fortunate to find this Sealy maternity pillow that is shaped like a kidney and doubles as a nursing pillow. It seems to be the perfect solution to maternity pillow size worries and the problem of not being able to use your own pillow.

As depicted above, Speck the dog loves this pillow and basically views it to be her big spoon which is kind of adorable. This is one of the first pregnancy/parenthood products I purchased and am pretty stoked on it so far.

June 15, 2012

What to expect...

As I embark upon this new project in my life, I am eager for an outlet to diary some of the aspects of pregnancy and eventually motherhood that challenge and confound me. It is both exciting and nerve-wracking to take on something so new and so significant. I have long wanted to grow a family but I struggled over timing. My partner and I have been partnered for nearly a decade but married in 2010. Timing for career, relationship, finances, life's milestones and travels, as well as a few other things made me unsure about when to start "trying." And once we began trying everything fell into place more rapidly than anticipated. So here I am, nearly four months pregnant with a dissertation to finish, a house to prepare, and a lot of things to learn about becoming a parent. I plan to use this space as one for brainstorming, sharing, and archiving this time. I hear from seasoned parents that it all will move too quickly. I also hear it will be difficult but worthwhile. Simultaneously, I find myself anticipating with impatience and wishing I could slow time. I just don't know what to expect...