June 27, 2012

Maternity Style at ASOS

ASOS striped dress (buy it here or here)

Not sure if it's the angle, the dress, or me but I totally (think I) look pregnant in this! And incidentally, it is the first piece of actual "maternity" clothing I purchased. ASOS has a maternity line that features lots of cute regular clothing styles that happen to have extra space for belly! Such a simple concept and yet one that so few maternity clothing makers seem to realize. Anyway, a lot of my favorite pieces are on sale right now so I might make an order before everything sells out. Thank goodness for free returns! Today is the last day for free express shipping on orders over $150 (code 4JULYEXPRESS).


  1. This sold out in my size before I could get one myself, but it looks great on you and I'm majorly jealous! Just curious: How does ASOS maternity fit a shorter figure?

  2. Hi Gina! I'm pretty short myself and think it was a nice length on me at 5'3". I am wearing a size 8 for reference and I don't know that this will work for the later months of pregnancy. I'll probably need to size up from my regular pre-preg dress size. Hope that helps!


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