July 13, 2012

Bump Progression

If you read my other blog, Consume or Consumed you've already seen the first of these bump progression shots!

 Nearly 18 weeks!

Nearly 20 weeks!

Things are moving along and I am almost halfway there. I cannot believe it. We found out the gender as well as much more important developmental information (like the presence of necessary organs and what not) at my anatomy scan on Monday! Feeling good (and hungry), sleeping well, and starting to really feel movement regularly. It can't yet be felt from the exterior but I can feel shifts and pokes and occasional hiccups which is insane and surreal.

None of the clothes I'm wearing above are actual "maternity" clothes. With all the stretchy options and my bump still being relatively small, it hasn't felt necessary. I can still wear my regular shorts and a few of my drawstring skirts (which I admit, were all much more loose and baggy at the waist this time last year!). Many of my dresses no longer fit which is to be expected. But I feel good and comfortable.

Outfit 1 details:
Kate Spade Rosette top
Anthropologie "Ancient Myths" maxi skirt
BP sandals from Nordstrom

Outfit 2:
LA Made jersey dress from Piperlime.com sale

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  1. I don't know if I have said this already but I LUUFF all your long skirts, like bigtime. Want!


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