May 30, 2013

Baby Style

Barn Organics peplum onesie; Children's Place tutu pants; Trumpette socks

Baby Gap one-piece

 Gap bear sweatshirt bunting

Baby Gap dress; Gymboree tights- Trumpette socks

Now that Emilia is six months old, I've had a few opportunities to go through her clothing to sort things that no longer fit. Because she grows so quickly some of my favorite ensembles are only worn a few times.

Tea Collection print I loved so much that I got it in a tunic and one-piece.

My approach to clothes shopping for myself centers on maximizing the "cost per wear." But with baby clothes, that theory holds no water. You just dress them in what you think is cute. And there is a whole lot of cute out there!

Beautiful handmade sweater from my Aunt Sylvia (that I hope will still fit come fall!)

 Gymboree onesie and corduroy dress

Old Navy jacket, Etsy wool pants

 Marimekko onesie with jeggings

Still, it makes little sense to overspend. I have had good luck finding cute things at Gabriel Brothers, on Ebay, and in the generous hand-me-downs from mom friends. Not to mention the gifts! Oh my goodness, this is a lucky little girl that inspires so much gift-giving in her loved ones (especially the grandmas)! Above are some of my favorite outfits that I was smart enough to photograph with my real (non-phone) camera.

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