December 9, 2012

(Belated) Week 39: She's here!

I didn't quite make it to week 39. The baby decided to come early. I half expected this since I was the only pregnant woman I knew who wanted to be a few days late (for work reasons). But now that she's here, I couldn't be happier! And to be honest, it is for the best. Although I feel terrible that the semester's end was atypical for my students and I will have my lion's share of grading to plow through, remotely while sleep deprived and nursing, my physical discomforts in late pregnancy grew with every day.

Here is Emilia Irene:

I can already tell she's strong, alert, determined, and incredibly sweet. Chris and I couldn't be more proud or in love.


  1. Wow there is no doubting she is your daughter! The likeness in that top photo is incredible. Congratulations once again, it's a truly wonderful time and good luck with nursing. I almost had a meltdown on day 3 but once the milk arrived we soon sorted ourselves out :-)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's lovely, and I adore how much you can tell you both LOVE her. I'm so happy for you! (but sad I never ran into you as a cute pregnant lady. do-over?)

  3. So beautiful!!! Oh, isn't it amazing that you and Chris were able to make something so perfect? :D Congratulations again! Big hugs!!!

  4. Congratulations! She's adorable! So much hair! And she looks alot like her momma! Hope you are recovering well.


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