August 9, 2012

Stuff the dad-to-be says...

Since I got my first positive pregnancy test, Chris (with his impressive appetite) has joked that now we're both "eating for two." He loves to say this to everyone who will listen. He also enjoys commenting that "we're pregnant," whenever I talk to him about my physical discomforts or something that I used to be able to do easily that I can't really do right now. "Well, we ARE pregnant!" The other day when I noticed that my gym clothes (you know, the kind made out of only stretchy material) were too snug to wear, he exclaimed with great sarcasm, "OH NO! Did someone get you pregnant?!" He's great at lightening the mood in that way. He's a jokester and I think he will be both an excellent but also profoundly FUN dad. One thing he has said (jokingly) that I'm less amused by is that (because of my status as default designated driver) he can "drink for two." Of course, he hasn't done that and is a very responsible and moderate person when it comes to alcohol, but the statement annoys me. Mostly because it has been hard to not be able to have delicious, chilled cocktails during this summer's hottest days.

My favorite thing he said recently occurred during a "tummy time" session, during which he says hello to the fetus (who can hear our voices and other outside noises... so cool!). During our tummy times, he puts his hands on my belly to try to feel movements. Last night, for the first time he was able to feel it kick after a few weeks of tummy time comprising of: "did you feel that?!" "no..." "how about that?" "I'm not sure... I don't think so?" etc.!

I had my hand on top of Chris's hand and the kick was so big that I could feel it radiate through his palm. I said, "did you feel that?!" He said, "Was that a kick? It felt like it came from your stomach." "Uhh.. yes, you see there is a fetus currently in there and that movement you just felt was it!" We both had a good laugh and he was excited to finally be able to say he felt it move.

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