August 4, 2012

Week by week: 23

almost 23 weeks

I've found that the appearance of my "bump" shifts dramatically throughout the day. By the evening, it is pronounced and round all over, including on top. During the day (and especially before lunch) my natural waist is thicker than it was, pre-pregnancy (of course) but less bulbous. Periodically the skin of my stomach has begun to itch. When I feel its tautness, it is difficult to fathom how much more it will have to stretch and grow in the coming months. I've begun using lotion on it every day to try to fend off what I will likely be inevitable.

One of these days I need to take early and late day photos to show the difference in size.

Outfit 1:
Max Studio skirt from TJ Maxx (similar)
Kate Spade Rosette top

Outfit 2:
Asos maternity dress
Nordstrom cardigan
ChloƩ flats

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