August 11, 2012

Week by Week: 24


My belly has definitely popped since previous posts. I also have begun to break in my maternity jeans from a previous Gap sale (fyi, friends and family is this weekend!). I love the shape of these jeans. I just need to get my hands on some similarly slim-legged maternity cords and I will feel more set for fall.

Outfit details:
Anthropologie's Slanted Layers top (which I kind of want in every color cause it really leaves a lot of room to grow- so stretchy!)
Gap 1969 cropped maternity jeans (not so cropped on a shorty!)
Coach flats


  1. Thank you! I see some on Boden but they're a little more spendy than I want to pay for transitional clothing.

  2. Try eBay -- Gap had some really cute maternity cords a few seasons back. They had my favorite kind of waist too.

    I love that shirt and see that it's on sale. Tempted to get one of my own because I'm always biting your style. :P What's the sizing like?


    1. Thank you for the rec! I will look for some. WHY aren't they doing them every year like jeans though? Annoying.

      It IS on sale and I think the sizing runs big and I probably could have taken my pre-preg size but sized up cause I am paranoid about laundry shrinkage. The length is amazing and when I posted how it makes an excellent maternity top on an anthro blog another commenter chimed in and said she bought it for the same reason! Great minds! Plus they have it in solid colors. I might buy more but am kind of hoping for an extra % off sale (and have no grounds in which to base that Anthro will have one any time soon but whatever).


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