August 18, 2012

Week by week: 25

25 weeks

Not only is pregnancy flying by, but my summer is almost over. The fall term is about to begin and I will soon find myself in the classroom, twice weekly. I am going through my closet (slowly), trying on all those things that were either a little loose pre-pregnancy, or bought to be shapeless, unstretchy, and tent-like, with the unspoken assumption that I could also wear them once pregnant. How foolish I was to think that a little extra waist room meant an already knee length or shorter dress would work with a dress-shortening bump! Maybe when it is tights season I can revisit a few pieces, but the majority of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe will be too short or too small for the third trimester.

Speaking of, I'd love some maternity tights recommendations. I see that my hosiery go-to, Spanx doesn't make one unless you count Assets. I like super opaque and completely unshiny. Can anyone speak to the qualities of the Assets version?

Outfit details:
Vintage Diane von Furstenburg dress (two sizes above my pre-pregnancy DVF wrap size) (similar here)
Volatile pumps from Zappos (old and now too tight in the foot bed... how are my feet so wide? They aren't swollen! Just annoyingly wide... lousy relaxin!)


  1. I have a pair of tights from The Gap from my last pregnancy, but they weren't the most comfortable toward the end. I found the best thing for me was a pair of regular 'cable knit' black tights that I bought at Macy's. They were much looser around the top when compared to normal tights. I hope you can find something that works for you! You look really great. I am a few weeks ahead of you in my second pregnancy and I am huge in comparison! :)

    1. Thank you for the tip, Candice! I will keep that in mind. A lot of the tights I typically wear have squeezy control tops which are probably not very conducive to a pregnant stomach. But I will look for some regular ones that are less "controlling." haha

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! I think we both probably see ourselves as bigger than we appear to others. And I trust that our bodies do what they need to, in order to grow a fetus so "huge" is both relative and likely necessary. Thanks for reading!


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